Pipe Fittings

Brief Specification
Nickel 200, Nickel 201, Monel 400?, Monel 405? ,Monel K500?, Inconel 600?, Inconel 601?, Inconel 617?, Inconel 625?, Inconel 718?, Inconel X 750?, Incoloy 800?, Incoloy 800H?, Incoloy 800HT?, Incoloy 825?, Hastelloy C22?, Hastelloy C276?, Hastelloy B-2?, Hastelloy X?, Maraging C250, Maraging C300 , Maraging C350 ,Rene 41?, Multimet N155?, Haynes 25?, Haynes 188?, Waspalloy?, MP35N?, MP159?, Cobalt Alloy 6B, Invar 36?, Invar 42?, Kovar?, Al6XN?, Ni-Span?, Jethete?
Other Range
Besides above also available Titanium, Hastalloys, Hot Die Steel, High Speed Steeel, HCHCHR, Gun Metals, Phospher Brone, Copper Cadmium, Copper Chromium, Lead, Mild Steel, Navel Brass, Cupro-Nickel, Galvanised Steel, IBR & NON-IBR, Tube, Sugar Tubes, Admiralty Brass, Aluminium Brass, High Tensile Brass, etc.
Available Shapes

All above materials are available in the shapes of Sheets, Plates, Strips, Coils, Foils, Shims, Pipes, Tubes, Round, Shaft, Square, Hexagonal, Wires, Rectangular, Flanges, Wire Mech, Perforated Sheets, Circles, Rings, Hol- Low bar, Flats, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Unions, Stub-end, Dairy bend, Nut - Bolts, Valves, Coupling, Nipple, Blocks, Angles, Filler Wire, Super Enamel Wires etc. Also fabricating any engg. Items in metal & metal products as per sample & drawings.
Enquiry solicited for any other types of metal & metal products in available shapes.


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