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Bronze Hollow Bar

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Bronze Hollow Bar

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Bronze Hollow Bar Manufacturer | Bronze Hollow Bar Suppliers | Bronze Hollow Bar Exporters

Rod & Hollow Bar DIN 1705 | Bronze C932 / SAE 660 Bearing Bronze | Bronze C954, Aluminum Bronze

MM Metals deals in wide specification of Bronze Hollow Bars which are manufactured using high quality raw material and tested through different quality checking mechanisms. Bronze Hollow Bars are widely used in various industrial and Marine applications.

Some features of its are:

  • Quality material used
  • Conventional design
  • Sturdy
  • Durable

Mfgr Process:

Centrifugal Casting, Continuous Casting


BS 1400 (LG1, LG2, LG4, LG3, PB1, PB2, PB3, PB4, LPB1, LB1, LB2, LB3, LB4, AB1, AB2, HTB3, HTB1)
UNS (C62500, C83600, C84400, C86200,C86300, C87200, C90700, C93200, C93700, C94300, C95200, C95500)
BS EN (CC490K, CC491K, CC493K, CC480K, CC483K, CC482K, CC495K, CC496K, CC331G, CC333G, CC762S, CC764S)