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Power Houses

Power Houses consist of power generation plants which uses fossil fuels or renewable energy sources like Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric to generate electric power.

Cement Plants

Cement Plants are the industrial units specifically constructed for the purpose of manufacturing cement from limestone, shells, clay, slate etc. The process is known as wet line process.

Chemical Industries

Chemical industries produce industrial chemicals from different raw materials like oil, natural gas and minerals with various modern techniques.

Glass Industries

These industries deals in production of glass and glass products by melting different raw materials.


Refineries deal with refining or converting raw materials into products of value. Types of refineries include Oil/Sugar refining and natural gas processing.

Offshore Platform

Offshore platforms are large structure units which facilitates exploring, extracting, storing, and processing petroleum and natural gas that lies in rock formations beneath the seabed.

Port Trusts

Port Trusts deals in managing shipping and trade through sea line comprising traffic of ships coming from different harbours.

Oil Mills

Oil Mills are designed to grind oil-bearing seeds or other oil-rich vegetable material, which may then be used in production of variety of consumer goods.

Steel Plants

Steel plants deal in manufacturing of steel from iron ore. Industrial units which creates steel products from steel can also be referred to as Steel plants.

Fertilizer Industry

Fertilizers are used to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to growth of the plants. Most of the time, fertilizers can be produced organically or industrially with certain treatments.

Coal Mines

Coal Mines deal in extraction of coal from the ground for different industrial and household purposes. It is used in electricity generation.

Waste Treatment Plant

These industrial units are engaged in removing the contaminants from wastewater or sewage and converting it to the water which can be reused for many purposes.

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